Chris Lazzaro - singer, songwriter, musician, performer, educator

Chris Lazzaro is a Melbourne based singer, writer, musician, performer and educator. For more than 30 years he has entertained thousands of children and adults of all ages.

Chris performs with the Blackberry Jam Bushband and freelances with many other musicians playing various styles which include, Celtic, Latin, Italian and popular music. He also works as a solo performer.

A passionate writer, Chris Lazzaro’s songs received recognition in the 2006 International Song Writing Competition. [View Web Award]

He has worked as a music consultant and a primary school teacher with a philosophy of empowering children and making education exciting and fun.

Chris is an avid student of success, spirituality, personal growth, meditation, peace, wealth and happiness and this is reflected in all his performances, his teaching and his writing.

Some of Chris Lazzaro’s credits include session work for;

  1. Australian Movies
    (a) Ned Kelly (with Blackberry Jam – Banjo) - 2003
    (b) Caterpillar Wish (Mandolin) - Burkhard Dallwitz (Composer): 2006
  2. Theme Music - Athens Olympics HSV 7 Melbourne (Mandolin): Burkhard Dallwitz (Composer) – 2004
  3. Australian Performer Bruce Watson for his cds, “Out My Window” & “Are We There Yet” (mandolin, banjo, harmonica, didgeridoo)
  4. Sound Engineer and composer of music for Clinica Media cd rom

He is currently working on a World Peace Project, which will include the release of his first solo cd.

Chris Lazzaro plays guitar


Chris Lazzaro’s instruments include:
  • mandolin
  • banjo
  • guitar
  • didgeridoo
  • vocals
  • congas and various other percussion instruments.

Contact Chris Lazzaro:

Mobile: 0402 434 772

aum peace ~ harmony ~ happiness ~success aum

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